About Us


The TBZ Nirmal Zaveri is a name known for exquisite real jewelry with finesse in perfection. The brand gives rise to consumer desire for true luxury and a return to the historic definitions of the world with personalized details and genuine exclusivity.

Mr. Nirmal Zaveri has designed masterpieces with over 35 years of experience that resulted into a stunning signature collection. The collection is exclusively designed and manufactured by TBZ NZ designers for the elite clientele. Each piece is distinctive adding a new semblance to statement jewelry for the contemporary woman.

The TBZ Nirmal Zaveri Hughes Road store in South Mumbai has successfully professionalized its outfit and has taken an independent road in developing niche clientele. With a glorious past which continues to steam roll till date, fascinating and enthralling the modern generation, TBZ NZ would continue to do so in future.

Building upon the core values of excellence in designs, materials, craftsmanship and service, the brand has established a relationship of trust with customers that have sustained this company. Modern contemporary yet traditional, TBZ NZ is one of the most preferred elite brands in India.

Nirmal Zaveri

Presenting the man who has adorned many a discerning client of the city. He is known as one with a fanatic quest for perfection. For nearly three decades, he is the person who has designed Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri’s masterpieces; as well as had a fair hand in shaping its success.

Coming from a family of fine lineage, which has preserved the art of immaculate craftsmanship, Nirmal Zaveri did not rest on what came to him as inheritance. Nirmal Zaveri, took a step that was considered daring by launching his own jewellery salon TBZ-Nirmal Zaveri, clearly stating his desire to show the world that when you believe in yourself, you can touch the heights.

Nirmal Zaveri, went only further. Beyond carrying the impeccable tradition ahead, he chose to take the mantle of a creator by putting his vivid imaginations and translating the inspiration he drew from varied elements; elements that escape the artless eye.

The result was a stunning signature collection, imbued in high creative energy.

Samrat Zaveri

When it comes to taking the TBZ-Nirmal Zaveri brand to newer heights, Samrat Zaveri, the Managing Director of the company, with eighteen years of experience in jewellery and luxury retailing, is an able successor. He has honed his skills in managing a luxury retail business in various European centers of excellence and brought his learning back to TBZ- Nirmal Zaveri. He is well-versed with both the design and business trends in the sector which he effectively uses in managing the brand.

Samrat has under his belt the achievement of successfully transforming this traditional family run business to a professional corporate entity, expanding to newer locations like suburban Mumbai and Bengaluru and creating the category of handcrafted sterling silverware under the brand name Shaze. Under his leadership, the brand has begun sourcing design and manufacturing from Europe, bringing world-class luxury experience to Indian connoisseurs.

Today, with him in the helm, a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals is taking the luxury and lifestyle brand - “TBZ-Nirmal Zaveri” to new and exciting destinations.